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About Me

Come in You little slave worm and don`t cry.......

I am a czech mistress without mercy and tabus....


    On  the  First  place  in  My  live   is MY  SON! !!

  And   then -  then is other  live- My live  for 

My  living  toys - My slaves
 I´m a   Mistress , who  is  located  in Czech Republic

in the  town  named Mlada  Boleslav  and  My  sessions

 are  in  Prag, where is  studio-

 Torture Chamber.

For me BDSM is a joy in my life.How I play?

Creativity, and an open mind  are very  important qualities.

Safety and Discretion are of the utmost importance to me.

Do you remember this very good and never ask for it:

I  hate  thinks  like  scat  and  bloody  practic!
I  can  do   everything  but 
not  this!
 My  sessions  are  payed  , no excuses.
I am a Mistress , not  Salvation  Army !
Who can be My slave ,have to send Me  e-mail with

 his  short  curriculum  vitae.

(If you are not able do it - you are zero for Me.)

Few things ,what you shall know:

*NEVER call me Mistress! you may call me Madam, or

Madam Sombsa

*NEVER talk if I don´t ask you!

And if,then you can say only YES Madam, NO Madam,

PLEASE Madam or THANK YOU Madam,

and you   NEVER  forget  to  THANK ME

  for speaking  to you or mail to you back.

 Mail contact is the best way to contact me,but I  have no time

answer all e-mails right now,because I am too bussy, so

 DO NOT write me Xtimes!

 *NEVER call me, if do not send me before  an e-mail.

This e-mail MUST be  answered,then you can call me.

If not to be answered, you have to waitting my answer!

I´m Money Domme and my sessions are descreet for all my slaves

Send how much you want to sed Me in $
Pay 300.00$


Send Money by mail-
here you can send how much want to send Me

Send 1000.00$

Send 1000.00 CZK

Send 3000.00 CZK
Send 5000.00 CZK
No limit in CZK

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