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you dare to enter My website…
Many have come here, few have the “balls” to stay.
.Maybe you are here because you are missing something
Maybe you are in search of a Mistress
Here, you will not find what you are Searching for.
You Will Find MORE.
More than you dare to dream of.
Here you will realize your Divine Destiny.
 I will Become your Dominatrix, your Mistress.
I will BE your Goddess.
Beyond that, I will Demand your Mind, your Soul, your Life.
So Contact Me … if you Dare.
Become a submissive. Become My slave.
 You will worship Me with every moment of your existence.
You will no longer be your own, for you will live for Me.
I will be your Life. I will become your Obsession.

Profile of a Madam Sombsa
I am Intelligent,I am Powerful,i am Demanding,Insatiableand have v
ery empathy.I am a Lifestyle Dominatrix.I allow slaves to serve
Me because it pleases Me.Somethimes I am Harsh,Insatiable,
Demanding ,Cruel....but very Sweet!
For the slave I am also Kind. When he pleases me.
 I love receiving gifts,shopping, travel, animals and much more
.I adore being served and spoiled.
I like my slaves Devoted 100% completely and utterly to Serving and
Supporting Me with everything they have.
I like surprises!Money.Gifts and Tributes from my slaves
make me happy!
And that, slave, is about all about Me.If you want to learn more
about Me, it’s about time you start begging for the honor of sending
Me a Tribute or Gift.Open your wallet and learn!
When you send Me your money and Gifts,the slavery you desire
instantly goes from being a fantasy to becoming a reality. Serve Me.
My reality is your destiny.
I am an extremely psychological Mistress. I take great pleasure
in controlling you, bending you to My will and using you as My slave.
If I feel you are worth my time, you are blessed indeed
.Do you think you have what it takes to join the coveted ranks of My slaves?
Beg for the opportunity to serve me. Plead for the chance to send me your money.
Understand, slave, this is not about you and your fetish.
This is not about meeting your needs and desires.This is about Me.I don't need your money. Your pitiful pittance is nothing to Me.
Understand, slave, I don't need you...
You Need Me.If I chose to allow it, you may serve a part in my life.

What I Expect from you:
My happiness is of utmost importance. To serve and to
please Me, slave, is your sole reason for existence.
Understanding this, here are a few of the basic guidelines
I expect my slaves and potential slave applicants to follow:

# You will address Me as "Mistress"or "Madam".
#I am a Financial Dominatrix. Do not waste my time.
 If you wish to speak to me, Tribute Me, or send me a Gift
#If you wish a special request from me, Tribute or Gift me
 If your choice of Gift or Tribute pleases Me, I MAY consider your request.
# You will always Obey Me.
If I ask you for something, be sure you complete it in a timely and prompt fashion.
If I tell you to do something, or to send me something, DO IT. I expect and accept nothing less. 
You will be Prompt.
# You will be loyal. *If* you are granted the honor of becoming one
of my slaves, I expect loyal and devoted service in return
. I have no tolerance for slaves who are lazy, worthless,
waste My time, wander and/or contact other mistresses.
Gifts I Desire:
Gifts are a boon offered to My slaves
Chose and Present your Gift to Me with care! Many of the Gifts I
desire are items that I use frequently and quite often...
Think, slave, of being remembered by your Mistress every time
I use your gift!
How to Pay Me
FIRST:  Contact Me and beg for My permission to Tribute or Gift Me.
If it Pleases Me, I will allow it.
Tithes, Tributes,
Gifts, Pennance
, and Contributions,
are accepted by The Insatiable Mistress in the following forms:
# Cash
# Credit Card
# Money Order
# Cashiers Check

# Personal Check

Contact Me for My instructions on how to present your

Payment or Gift to Me.


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