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My site is dedicated to financial domination, money slavery.

If you have no interest in distance training, financial slavery,

online training, and chastity control, or if you are under

the age of 21, then click the exit link below.

If you are a money slave and wish to worship a beautiful,

sadistic, Mistress then you may submit to Me.
How can you satisfy your yearning for financial slavery?

Read the following carefully:

1. You send Me an email begging to make a financial

contribution to Me. Ensure you fill in My online form

properly to be worthy of My consideration

2. If I consider you to be a genuine financial slave, I will email

you with instructions for your first tribute.

This must be paid promptly.

I do not accept your feeble excuses.

3. After your first tribute has been received, I will contact

you to discuss your continued financial slavery to Me.


Send how much you want to sed Me in $
Pay 300.00$


Send Money by mail-
here you can send how much want to send Me

Send 1000.00$

Send 1000.00 CZK

Send 3000.00 CZK
Send 5000.00 CZK
No limit in CZK

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